What My Clients Are Saying

“It is such a pleasure to be working with Sally! I couldn’t ask for a more professional, conscientious and caring homeopath. I appreciate the time and effort she puts into my case. I feel very fortunate to have found a person who is passionate about working with the whole person as a means to improving their health.” ~Nancy

“As a fellow wellness practitioner, I’m very particular about whom I have on my wellness team. I chose Sally to help me with an extreme case of adrenal exhaustion because quite honestly, I trust her with my life. She helped me get through total burnout and back to a life in balance. It wasn’t easy for me to hand control over to someone else, but I’m so grateful that I did. I highly recommend Sally to anyone who is looking for a natural approach to living their best life.” ~Cathy

My experience with Sally was wonderful.  After having my son, I really wanted to start a healthy, mindful, holistic lifestyle change with food and exercise.  Sally helped me attain those goals naturally and I feel great, lost weight and I’m still sticking to my routine.” ~Lisa

“Working with Sally interested me enormously because I have been having a number of health issues over the past six years, including surgeries and arthritis that was affecting my health. At that point I wanted to get opinions from people who were versed in natural health and nutrition, which was when I started the program with Sally. Since then many things have happened that changed and improved my outlook on life and health.

The best thing about the program is Sally herself – I always have a lot of questions that seemed to bother many doctors but not Sally. She answered my questions or researched and provided me with information. I recently found out my blood tests showed improvements in my health and my doctor asked what has changed – the first thing I did was tell her about Sally! I would recommend Sally to anyone who is interested in improving their time on this planet; she was wonderful and helped create a new a very happy man.” ~James

“I was referred to Sally by my chiropractor. Initially I was hoping to shed a few pounds and get back in touch with my body, and understand the correlation between what I put into my body and how it made me feel and look. What I learned is that I didn’t know much about taking care of my mind, body and soul until I went through the 6-month program with Sally! I gained an abundance of knowledge, guidance and motivation that I’ve implemented into my life – which is now trickling down to my children and husband. I lost some weight and feel great, and am continually seeking out the stuff that nurtures me – both mentally and physically.” ~Paula

“Sally is very professional, always discreet and motivating in a comforting and confident manner. There is never any judgment in her sessions, she is truly there to help you improve your life and to be the best and healthiest you. She is a talented woman, full of energy, insight and most importantly, a love for what she does. I am grateful she is part of my life!” ~Joan