Homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing.

Nature gives us so many resources to heal. Homeopathic medicines (or “remedies”) work with your body to wake up its own innate healing ability. I work with clients of all ages and conditions but have a special love of working with moms and kids. Whether you are struggling with physical issues such as ear infections, strep, UTI’s, migraines and skin conditions…or mental/emotional challenges of anxiety, depression or behavior disorders, I would love to support you on your healing journey.

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Sally Bacharz

About Sally Bacharz, CCH

I was introduced to homeopathy 25 years ago and was so amazed by it. It wasn’t until I had my kids that I realized just how many ailments could be helped by my little remedy kit. Soon I was wanting to shout about it from the rooftops! Not long after, I enrolled in homeopathy school and never looked back. It is something I am truly passionate about and combines two of my favorite things: helping people + holistic healing.

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In 2020 I achieved the designation of Certified Classical Homeopath which ensures homeopaths maintain the highest standards of education and ethics within the industry.

In addition to being a homeopath, I am a mom of three girls (2 human and one canine). I live on the South Shore of Boston and am currently seeing clients from all over the country remotely via Zoom.

Appointment Types

Acute Consultation

$75, expect 20 to 30 minutes

An acute illness or injury is an issue that is short term and generally not recurring. Some examples are a UTI, ear infection, strep throat, colds & flu, food poisoning, burns, concussion, etc. Recurring issues that are chronic in nature such as repeated ear infections, strep throat, UTI’s migraine headaches, etc. would require a Constitutional Consultation.

$295, expect 1 – 2 hours

Issues that are chronic or long-term in nature, including mental/emotional concerns, would require a full Constitutional Consultation. Some examples would be chronic illnesses, allergies, skin complaints, sleep challenges, hormonal issues or mental/emotional concerns including behavior problems. This is a 1-2 hour appointment where we review everything head to toe, inside and out.

$250, expect one to 1 – 1.5 hours

Constitutional Consultation for newborns up to two years old.

$75, expect 30 – 45 minutes

Follow up appointments are made on an as-needed basis to assess how you have responded to the remedy and discuss next steps. Some clients only need one or two follow up appointments and some require a much longer-term protocol. Each person is as unique as their healing journey!

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What my clients are saying…

“I have been working with Sally for a few years now and she has been instrumental in helping me navigate the emotional and physical health of my young family. I trust her knowledge and experience and I have seen so many positive changes in my health and my children’s!

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Each appointment is almost like a therapy session, she is so caring and supportive, and has never failed to respond quickly when I’ve needed her. I’m so grateful to have found her as our homeopath and I would recommend her to anyone!” – Leah, MA

“I was just thinking about you the other day and am feeling grateful for you. ♥ I am doing SO good. I have come so far in my healing journey and feel so much better.” – Rachel, Montana

“This is the first winter where my face has not been inflamed and in pain from being out in the cold. Your prescribed meds have worked!!! Literally the first winter I can be out and not worry about the pain. Thank you! For anyone who doubts, homeopathy works!” – Pooja, Massachusetts